WebQuest for Beginners

Use this WebQuest to learn all about blogs and see examples of student blogs. Blogging is reading, questioning, thinking, writing, collaborating, reflecting, commenting, and linking! A WebQuest is a good way to introduce blogging to students. Browse through the different sections:



Then if you click on the 'Teacher Page' you will see a detailed guide of how I use this WebQuest with students.


See the visuals that help students view attributes of blogging. Imagine viewing this WebQuest as though you were a student. Browse through the different examples and view student projects. Note the "Objectives and Guidelines for Safe and Responsible Blogging wiki that is referenced in the WebQuest. In this particular WebQuest the evaluation is based on the 6 Trait Writing in Blogging. You can evaluate this way or develop other evaluations.


Now most of these examples are for elementary students but this WebQuest could be easily adapted for other grade levels.


Enjoy the learning, especially the unique "Blook" on blogging that was created as an end of year project by a group of fifth graders who had just completed their first year of blogging.


Link to the Introductory WebQuest: Blogging: It's Elementary!