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 Blogging will open your world!










This presentation is for beginners to the world of blogging and for experienced edubloggers who wish to see a plan to introduce blogging to other educators.


The WebQuest, SlideShare Presentation, and the BlogMeister class blog are the three procedures I follow to  introduce blogging as a way to develop literacies. My goal is to use blogs to engage students in thinking and blogging about their learning and what it means to them. This process has evolved over the years and I feel that I have been much more successful with this approach. Building a community of thoughtful classroom bloggers is an art that takes planning and effort.  I encourage you to  take the time to check out these three components before creating your very own blog! Your world will change as you learn to blog and blog to learn!



Step 1: WebQuest: Blogging: It's Elementary!


Link to:  WebQuest for Beginners


Link to:  WebQuest for Experienced Edubloggers




Step 2: SlideShareShow: Learn to Blog


Link to: SlideShareShow for Beginners


Link to : SlideShareShow for Experienced Edubloggers




Step 3: BlogMeister Class Blog: Blog to Learn


Link to: Class Blog for Beginners


Link to: Class Blog for Experienced Edubloggers






Now the moment you have been waiting for!


Come get your feet wet! Jump into BlogMeister! 


I'll be your lifeguard and the handouts will be your life preserver!





 Link to BlogMeister Resources page






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