Class Blog for Beginners

This class blog was used with educators to introduce them to BlogMeister. I think you will find it helpful.


Remember that the Class Blog begins with the first post which will be at the very bottom of the class blog.


Read each post in sequence as they are listed below. I will provide links to each separate post. This will help you see how blogging can be introduced to a class one post at a time. Remember that you click on each link and will need to scroll to the top of the page. Then after reading it use the back arrow to return to this page to click on the next post. If you wander from the post to another link you may have to use the back arrow several times.


Post 1: Welcome to the world of educational blogging!


Post 2: Why blog in our classrooms?


Post 3: Objectives and guidelines for safe and responsible blogging


Post 4: Read, Write, and Learn


Post 5: Squirreling away our good blog ideas!


Post 6: Blogging and ESL


That gives you a good idea of how blogging might be introduced to educators. Go to the top of the blog and you will see a slide show of all the workshop participants. Scroll down the page and you will see a sample picture post, podcast posts, a BubbleShare post, and a links and resources post. I will not be going step by step through the web tools but you can learn about them in my other presentation, "Putting the Pedagogy into the Tools." That presentation is located in the Classroom 2.0 strand.


Link to "Blog2Learn" Class Blog