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BlogMeister Resources

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Are you ready to create your very own blog? Here we go!




The first handout is Creating a BlogMeister Account.doc It will provide step-by-step directions along with screenshots.


The second handout is Customizing and Maintaining a BlogMeister Account.doc. It also has plenty of specific directions and screenshots to keep you "afloat". You will learn about templates, how to add links on the sidebar, the control panel, and how to write articles. (Articles are the name given for blog posts by David.) You will learn about the Class Panel and how to add student accounts.


The third handout is Adding Links Images and Podcasts.doc The process for adding links and pictures is explained in detail. Later you might want to provide this handout to the students to expedite the learning process.


Once you have completed these three handouts you will have officially joined the world of blogging! Welcome!


Now the rest of these resources will be a collection of links to specific items of interest and specific "help pages" that either David or other BlogMeister users have already created. You can get to these as you need them. 


Examples of other Blogmeister sites




Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog

 Grade 1 and 2, Kathy Cassidy - teacher


Mighty Writers 2006-07

Grade 3, Mark Ahlness - teacher



Grade 5, Gordon Brune - teacher


Middle School


English Corner

Grade 6 Language Arts, Julia Osteen - teacher


Excellence and Imagination

Grade 7 & 8, Clarence Fisher - teacher


Cool Cat Teacher's Student Blog

Middle & High, Vicki Davis - Teacher


High School


Bishop Dunne

Freshman Pre-AP English Class, Kyle Stevens - teacher


B.D.C.S. Room 406

English III, English Language AP, English 4, Daniel Wilson - teacher


Science by Davis

Ecology & Biology, S. Davis - teacher


Communicating in Spanish, Level I, A Global Perspective

Freshman class, SeƱora Terndrup - teacher


Class Blogmeister Mailing List


Be sure to join the Class Blogmeister mailing list. As a member you will receive e-mail announcements about BlogMeister. To join, send an empty e-mail message to:



Blog & Comment Approval Tool


David has written a thorough explanation of the Blog & Comment Approval Tool on his Blogmeister site. He has made that process much easier.


Other Comprehensive BlogMeister Tutorials:


Class BlogMeister Wiki by David Warlick


Tutorial created by Gayle Braddock:


BlogMeister Account.pdf 




While this session has been dedicated to explaining BlogMeister I did promise to show a similar class blog in WordPress. You can see it here. If you are interested in learning more about WordPress James Farmers' edublogs site is the place to begin. There are many resources here. View the  video overview on the front page and if you want more see these additional video tutorials. Here is another tutorial that I have frequently used.





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