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Blog2Learn class posts

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Post 1 - Welcome to the world of blogging


The class posts are read together with lots of class discussion. You are beginning the journey of building a learning community unlike any you have had before. You are letting them know that they will have ownership of their learning and that they are going to be ambassadors for others to show that blogging can enhance their learning. I let the class know that I am learning right along with them and from them. The goal is to let them see reasons for writing and how it can become interactive through the commenting feature.


I go through the process of having them make a comment on the class blog. Generally the first one will be a short intro about themselves so we can get to know each other better. Then I show them how I approve the comment on BlogMeister.





Post 2 - Why blog in our classrooms?


The class is directed to a 'Rationale for blogging' posted on 'Google Page Creator' and to a student mindmap which could have been created with MindMeister. Here I am modeling the use of web tools to liven up the blog and pique student interest and motivation.  I make class time to discuss reasons to blog and get their input too.


I show them how I linked to the 'Rationale" on Blogmeister using the easy link system on the side. Right now I am modeling and showing the parts of BlogMeister but I let them know that I will have handouts for them or links pointing to "how to do these tasks."




Post 3 - Objectives and guidelines for safe and responsible blogging


This post takes them to a wiki that explains objectives and guidelines. I close the post with the traits of successful bloggers. I also request their input and let them know that we will be coming back to this throughout the year and they will be a part of that process.






Post 4 Read, Write, and Learn


This post is a SlideShare presentation introducing them to BlogMeister (a presentation web tool is modeled). We talk about how to read a blog and how BlogMeister will serve them as beginning bloggers. navigation tips and other helpful explanations will orient them to BlogMeister and the process of blogging.


Time is provided here for participants to examine some BlogMeister blogs. Links are provided to other blog software but I just have them view the BlogMeister blogs at first so they get a comfort level but they need to look at lots of blogs to get ideas and start thinking.


They are then guided to my wiki "Improving Instruction through the use of Weblogs." This is just introduced at this point and I explain that there are many items that will help them as they are working on their own blogs later. Participants can spend time browsing other blogs according to the subject area of interest to them.





Post 5 Squirreling away our good blog ideas!


This "squirrel" generator tool is used to invite questions on the comments section.



Remaining posts


The remainder of the posts show how to post pictures, podcasts, and BubbleShare and RockYou slide shows as well as other links to help with the learning. Now if you were using the Class Blog in your class you have a base to begin your journey.


A few other tips


  • I advise them that as they are viewing other blogs they want to be thinking about the name they want for their own class blog as we will be making them soon.
  • I encourage participants to make any comments they wish on the class blog.
  • I have participants each use a student name and post as though they were the student so they can get an understanding of that aspect. It will not post immediately as the teacher has to okay it.
  • I show particpants the Bloggers Pledge and other relevant BlogMeister documentation support.
  • I explain the BlogMeister support group and how it works.



 Link to an actual class blog that was used with a group of educators: Blog2Learn


 Link to return to Class Blog for Experienced Edubloggers


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