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Blog Vocabulary

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Blog Vocabulary


post/article - A single entry written by the blogger on a blog. 


comment - This is a written reaction by a reader of a blog to what was written in the blog entry by the author. Comments can often be found directly following the blog entry.


permalink - Blogs are made up of many posts. The permalink is the unique URL of a single post on a blog. It is usually located at the bottom of the blog entry.  It is used when someone wants to link specifically to a certain post they wish to reference to when they are writing about it. Think of it as  the permanent identifier to a specific weblog post or article.


link -  A hypertext reference in a blog  to another blog or other resource.


blog title - This is the title or name  of your blog.


post title - This is the title of your blog article.


sidebar - One or more columns along one or both sides of most blogs main page. They may contain profiles to the blogger, links to other blogs, categories, and other information.


blogroll - A list of blogs, usually placed in the sidebar of a blog, that reads as a list of recommendations by the blogger of other blogs.


categories - This is a method of organizing entries by assigning each entry to a predetermined topic. Each topic (category) will link to a list of entries, all with related content.


Archives - A collection of all your posts on one page that can be categorized by month, etc.


tags - Keywords that are used to label similar posts.


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